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Day: May 25, 2020

Your voice is needed now

Your voice is needed now

May 25, 2020
Your voice is needed now. We must say this is one of those messages we are so pleased to bring you and one that anyone who chooses will receive value. We could have used many other titles, for we have spoken of them all, but most didn’t believe them, especially Roger.
We told you there is no hierarchy of souls, but you didn’t accept that. We told you never to compare yourself to others, but you found that difficult to achieve. We told you you were born to do something important, and you rejected that out of hand.

We used the word now in the title for many of you, especially during the current conditions of your world, find yourselves being called to do something out of the ordinary. You might wonder why you didn’t do it earlier, and the answer is the perfect plan of your life wanted it to occur now.

Last night Roger began listening to a recording of a well respected spiritual leader and scientist, but he couldn’t finish it all then. This morning he listened to the rest, and the reason he couldn’t listen before was the clarity he felt was uncomfortable. The speaker was delivering information in line with what we have given Roger for decades, but this speaker decided to believe it, trust their guidance, and Roger had not.

What you each will gather from this is how you have done this in your lives, but "now," you just might give that up. You are unique, important, and needed in the world now, and you always have been, but you just didn’t know it.

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