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Day: May 24, 2020

Whatever you believe is correct

Whatever you believe is correct

May 24, 2020
Whatever you believe is correct. We must tell you before we begin that many of you will receive this message, and your sense of self-belief will be enhanced.

Last night Roger was in conversation with a friend who referred to the comment we mentioned the other day of a person asking Roger if he were a psychic to which he "willing" replied yes. We said the last sentence as Roger would not have answered in the affirmative even a few years ago. The reason he would not have done this and the reason you have difficulty acknowledging who you are and what you were born to do is that you don’t believe it. We will help you understand this as we gave you the message more than a year ago. In the future, we will explain more of our communications with Roger. But for today, we want you, and Roger, to attempt to understand the message that you may not have understood until now. Additionally, apply the meaning you find to your world today.

We have a final note before the message. Roger had a pop-up appear on his iPad that said, "it is time for you to fulfill your purpose." You each are asked to do that as well now. You’re welcome.

February 12, 2019

How to bake a cake. We wanted to use a crazy-sounding title so you and your readers would be curious enough to discover its content. Once you decipher this and make practical application to your life, everything will change.

When you think of baking a cake, you know you will need certain ingredients to manifest the final result. You know that each ingredient is necessary or important, so you do not choose one above the other, or eliminate some because you need them all. As you diligently go about combining the ingredients, you witness every step of the way the formation of your cake, which only required some time to bake in the oven for it to rise, and now you have a beautiful cake.

That is your life.


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