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Day: May 13, 2020

You were supposed to be different

You were supposed to be different

May 13, 2020
You were supposed to be different. Roger has been struggling to find the "right" words to deliver this message, as well as allowing himself to process and integrate this information entirely. First of all, he knows it is not new information for him as we have been saying it for years. But he is also in the process of forgiving himself for not heeding our information earlier in his life. We must say that line of thinking for him, and you is counterproductive. You will understand that statement in a moment. Also, we must mention we are preparing Roger for a talk he is giving in a few hours. We will provide the results of that tomorrow.

Now here’s our story. For years now, especially after Roger granted us the opportunity to speak to more of you more broadly, Roger will listen to other speakers to distract himself to "hear" us clearly. This morning he came to his computer, and we conveniently placed a video before him, and Roger stared at it for a while. Roger does admire this speaker, but also held some judgment of his message, as well as envied the speaker’s success. When Roger listened, finally, he precisely knew what he was "supposed" to hear. Now we will give that information to you, but with the forewarning that once you understand it, you will judge yourself, as Roger has, so go into immediate self-forgiveness.

The major challenge that most humans experience in their lives, and the only one that severely halts their expansion, abundance, and happiness is the habit of using comparison. You will view others and make assessments about them in comparison to yourself, and because you have lived a life of continually belittling yourself, you feel less than anyone else. You each will now examine your lives, and notice how much and often you have done this. A side note here, Roger was having such trouble receiving this information, he can no longer read what he scribbled earlier. The bottom line is this, reread our opening statement, decide to believe it, live your life accordingly, and you will fulfill your life purpose, and help the world evolve.


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