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Day: May 12, 2020

You’re still you

You’re still you

May 12, 2020
You’re still you. This message contains pearls of wisdom for everyone, so find yours. This morning Roger found himself remembering much of his life. We facilitated this by having him review family photos last night. Roger began to notice certain trends and characteristics about himself that seemed evident in every shot. Years ago, Roger’s sister-in-law pointed out that he looked the same in every photo. Roger began to notice it himself, and his smile was eerily the same. Roger could always put on a happy face, even when he was masking his own pain.

This morning we reminded him of the title of this message, which is also the title of a song Roger used to perform. He would practice this song over and over, and it felt enormously fulfilling. Roger never fully understood why that occurred until we had him review the lyrics this morning. We will leave a link to them. The lyrics express who he is, and even though he was performing them, he couldn’t "see" them. You each walk through your life with blinders on, and you become ignorant of your greatness. We meant every one of those words.

We are now reminding you and Roger of something we said years ago. The greatest irony in life is you discover all you ever needed to do was be you.



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