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Day: May 11, 2020

You were not ready or needed until now

You were not ready or needed until now

May 11, 2020
You were not ready or needed until now. We know that title might be intriguing to many of you, so now we will explain. None of you are divorced from the current conditions of your world, even though some pretend to think they are. Those of you who are experiencing this period in a manner for which it was intended, find yourself with many moments or extended periods in reflection and contemplation. Many of you will then find numerous events of your lives you regret or wish had gone differently. You may find yourself experiencing such frustration, coupled with the fear and anxiety of uncertainty. We will give you something we have given you many times before, but now you might understand.

Every event, circumstance, person, challenge difficulty, disaster, as well as your triumphs, were perfectly designed and timed to cause you to evolve. That may be difficult to believe, but of course, we will use Roger to provide greater comfort and assurance. We have spoken of the program he is creating, which has been in process for years. This morning he received a message stating the initial video editing was complete. Yesterday Roger received a request to enroll in the program as this person felt they truly needed it. A little more than a year ago, we told Roger and you this would occur. We will post a link to that message, and if you are so inclined, you will review it. We said it in that manner because we want you each to use your initiative to do something. After all, any regret you may experience now is your recognition of how you failed to do so in the past. But do not worry as you were not ready or needed until now. You are needed because you are all connected, and whatever personal advancement you make is felt by all others.

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