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Day: May 10, 2020

Your ignorance was purposeful and helpful

Your ignorance was purposeful and helpful

May 10, 2020

Your ignorance was purposeful and helpful. Yes, we are speaking to you directly, and that means anyone who happens to read our words. You may choose to reject them now, but we assure you they will make sense to you at some point.

If you have been reading our communications for a while, you have noticed we often refer to earlier messages. The reason we do this is to hopefully instill in you the idea of evolution, meaning you come to understand things in a sequential manner. Another way to say this is collective consciousness is continually expanding. Again, Roger is merely a messenger, but a great one as he holds more doubt than many of you.

This morning we had him hear a series of recordings he knows he’s heard before, but today they seemed to make sense. The same occurs when he reads our messages, even though you might think Roger would have understood them at the time he transcribed them, but he did not. We point this out because many of you will begin to understand things about your life, and then judge yourselves for being naive, stupid or ignorant, and other similar labels that are not helpful and completely inaccurate.

We are sharing this now as more of you have time to contemplate. You will begin to remember things of your life where you doubted what you were thought you were meant to do in your life or felt you were inclined to do, or simply had a strong desire for no apparent reason. None of them were accidental, wrong, or meaningless. They were all meant to provide you with the choices you might make. Every choice was purposeful, never right, or wrong, but always caused you to expand and remember who you are.

If you want to find the truth of all this, you can take a journey through our word. Visit our website, place the word remember in the search bar, and read all the messages that propagate. You will not miss remembering who you are, and who you wanted to be.


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