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Day: May 8, 2020

The courage to be rich again

The courage to be rich again

May 8, 2020

This message might be a bit lengthy, but for those of you who take the time to decipher what we are about to give you, you might alter the trajectory of your life. It took a while for this message to come through. For as we have mentioned before, Roger has had difficulty speaking about money. You each entertain that challenge in different ways, but only for one reason. That reason is you have not yet ascertained your worth.

In December 2019, we gave you a message, The Courage to Be Rich. We will post that here as it is quite lengthy as well, but when you study them together, illumination will occur. The dates are significant, so you might understand and accept how you have allowed linear time to operate in your lives. You need not understand that now.

In the December message, we told Roger what would occur if he were to heed our advice. "Reluctantly," he attempted to believe us. Then in February, Roger met his mentor. Roger then felt his permission to be himself and began operating in that manner. Then in March, your world dramatically shifted as the effects of the pandemic took hold. Many felt the loss of all manner of wealth and abundance. Roger, on the other hand, began to notice a shift in his finances, which is why he didn’t want to speak on it now. Roger has always been sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others, but he has taken it to an extreme level where he denies his worth.

This morning we led him to a video where he was told it was his "responsibility" now to help others accomplish what he has. Our program, (Empowerment Made Simple) will accomplish this for him and many of you. There is more to come, but his should suffice for now as you have much to study.

Side note. We told Roger to deliver our message of a few days ago to his family, which he did. The results were healing. Now we are telling him to relate the messages to the people with whom he counseled last night. Clay is a gifted filmmaker, Alan has a valuable story, and Stan will continue our work.

December 11, 2019

Money is not a subject Roger typically discusses, and we had to trick him into doing so today. You all hold various ideas about money, and some we will dispel today. This morning we had Roger glance over his shoulder to notice a program from Suze Orman with the title of this message. The program has been sitting there for years in cassette form, and Roger gave it no attention until now.

As you know, money is energy, and you each direct that energy in specific ways to aid you in your lives to come to know who you are. You each come to understand that at some point. The difficulty some of you have is equating your value to how much money you currently possess. Roger wanted to know his value on the earth was not predicated on how much money he had, so he continually got rid of it. He accomplished this in clever and mostly unconscious ways. Roger even sold part of his business and work, partially due to his lack of appreciation of his worth. That particular syndrome is one many of you have, especially those of you who think you can’t be "spiritual" and rich. The opposite is true.
Years ago, we had Roger listen to an audiobook by Wallace Wattles entitled, "The Science of Getting Rich." The principles we are speaking on now were included there. Then we had Roger live in a home across the street from a park named after Wallace, but still, Roger did not assimilate this until last night.

In preparation for a meeting today, Roger reviewed a folder on his computer that contained testimonials. They were from those who he has either worked with or others merely expressing their gratitude for his work. Suddenly Roger recognized his worth. Now he knows that is what he wants for all, so today we took that title, and turned it around for him. Roger, you have a duty to be rich to accomplish your goal.

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