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Day: May 7, 2020

You are creating your future now

You are creating your future now

May 7, 2020

You are creating your future now. We know that line may sound like spiritual mumble jumble for many of you, which is why we will attempt to explain it. We have often referred to the difficulty Roger experiences in allowing our information to come through because we want you to all understand you all question in the same manner, but for a good reason.

You each were born to accomplish something individually, and to add to the evolvement of all that is. This morning we led Roger to a series of videos that said basically all we have said to him over decades. Roger finds greater belief in artificial, electronic voices than his own. You each do this as well. Don’t worry; this message will make sense.

Last night during a conversation with his family, Roger noticed everyone needed to be "right" about their particular beliefs, including him. Then Roger thought we had given him a message entitled; do you want to be right or happy, which we had not specifically. But it led him to the message we wanted him to find with the definition of the word you.

We will place it here now, and you will need to study it for a while to gain clarity, but once you do, you will understand the title of this message. We also want Roger to send this to his family with the conclusion from us; you are all right and necessary.

September 9, 2010

There is no situation, event, circumstance, challenge, or difficulty that shows up in your physical life experience that you did not request. The you referred to here is that non-physical part of you or your Higher Self, as you may think of it, that knows all the "right" events precisely to cause you to expand. You may argue with this concept because you try to figure it out from your rational, physical mind, which is always limited. Many times you will come to understand the purpose and meaning of all these things while in physical form, and others you will know when you leave physical incarnation.

When you do begin to allow yourself to accept this concept, you will
understand you are never a victim of anything. This provides you with the ability to have the happy and joyous life you intended.


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