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Day: May 4, 2020

You are your best asset

You are your best asset

May 4, 2020

You are your best asset. Of course, we are speaking to you, meaning whoever is reading. The main difficulties your world experiences arise from not understanding that sentence.

You live in a cooperative universe that only evolves and expands through the efforts and contributions of each individual. We have said this in many ways and will continue to do so until you "hear" it. Yes, that is a reference to our message the other day, and more of you are hearing yourselves now.

We will give you one story. As we often mentioned, almost incessantly, Roger is creating a program he started many years ago. Roger didn’t know if it would be well received or meaningful, which is what holds most of you back from realizing your best asset. Roger spoke of it again yesterday in a video, and this morning received an email, which he has yet to read, from someone Roger knows is anxious to get the program as they believe it will be the key they have been seeking their entire lives. It will be if Roger finishes, and you will realize and also cause great manifestations in your lives when you own your best asset, you. The only exception to this law of the universe only occurs when you think in a limited, untrue manner.

We will leave a link to a message we gave Roger, and you, a year ago, where we spoke of this time.

The link:


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