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Day: May 3, 2020

You can only change now again

You can only change now again

May 3, 2020

You can only change now again. We love using riddle-like titles, for it causes more of you to attempt to figure them out, and this one will be no exception. Roger awakened with a feeling that many of you might be experiencing during this time. That feeling was anger. Roger began to notice conditions in his life and in the world with which he is not pleased. The experience of the anger itself is a sort of wake up call for you to pay attention to something you have been doing. Now the problem with this is usually you direct the anger at others, which is the opposite result of what you wanted. If you direct your anger at another, you have also given them your power, and the intention of all those experiences that gave rise to the anger was to get you to take back your power. As you understand that last sentence, you will also feel a greater sense of empowerment.

In the program that Roger is creating, we gave him a process called the self-forgiveness process. We even told him how essential it was, but now he knows it on a deeper level. As long as you fail to forgive yourself, you will not find the empowerment you sought. Yes, that last sentence is one for each of you to contemplate at this time. You will also find it applies to your world now.

Also, the reason we said change again now is that we have given Roger this title several times, which means to all of you, this is a life long process of evolving.


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