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Day: May 1, 2020

You cannot fail

You cannot fail

May 1, 2020
You cannot fail. We know that statement might sound insane to many of you at this time, but you will come to recognize the truth of those words. When we said you, we are speaking of the collective you, meaning you individually and your world as a whole. You operate in cooperation, and the only difficulties the collective you experience arise from not understanding this concept. We will give you a bit at a time.

This morning we led Roger to our messages of nothing goes wrong. Of course, you know wrong is a subjective term, and you each have free will to choose your interpretation. When you or the world experience any hardship, it is so you come to own, recognize and utilize your personal power, abilities, and gifts, which because you are all connected, the collective you experience the same. There is no other choice, and each individual and the collective you will know this quite soon.


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