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Day: February 20, 2020

Now it’s your turn

Now it’s your turn

February 20, 2020

Now it’s your turn. Each of you will relate to the sentiments expressed in this message, especially Roger. The story, of course, will be the most helpful.

Roger agreed to help an associate promote a training program they had, which Roger felt held value for others. Roger prides himself on never recommending or promoting anything that does not provide value to others. Several months ago, Roger performed the same task with another associate. On Monday, when the online event was planned, Roger experienced technical difficulties, which he can see now were avoidable, but we had a hand in that.

The very next day, Roger went to shoot videos for his program. Now he felt what was important for him and questioned why he hadn’t put forth his expertise as his associates. Last night there was another attempt at the online event, which went well. Suddenly Roger found himself in the right environment and with the vehicle he could use to give his gifts to others. Roger had placed value in others, and only now saw it in himself.

The point is many of you do not value who you are, what you might offer the world due to the lives you have lived, and never come to place value on your life experience for it is there. Now that Roger knows this, we will help him show others, namely you.


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