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Day: February 16, 2020

Now you will be successful

Now you will be successful

February 16, 2020

Now you will be successful. We hope many of you gain value from this message, for much is here. The word success will mean something different to each of you, and there is no measure of success that exists, only what you each label that to be. Of course, we will use Roger as an example. Also, we will include an earlier message at the end, for it will tie everything together nicely. It does make the message long, but so impactful.

Yesterday Roger was in conversation with a friend who noted they no longer understand him, or us that is, and the messages delivered. The success that occurred in that instance was Roger accepted that and felt good about it. We have often said you are all meant to be individuals, and not all will understand you. The reason this was important to Roger is that he, as many of you, held himself back, attempting to gain acceptance and approval from others. Most of you do this in the way you are trying to achieve those things from your parents or elders.

Then Roger had an inspiration, of course, from us, to record a video speaking on depression and his bouts with it. When he finished and published it, he felt uncomfortable achievement. That means Roger was releasing old habits and embracing a new version of himself. Immediately after, someone sent a message stating how timely the video was for them as they were currently experiencing what Roger described. The timing of all this was perfect for Roger is creating a program tomorrow that, if he trusts himself, will enable many more to manifest success as well. Study all this for a bit, and every person who chooses will find the value we mentioned.

May 29, 2019

No one will understand you, and that is what you wanted. That sentence may sound crazy to you until you understand its meaning, and you and others will experience more acceptance of who you are.

You are all born with intentions, goals, desires, and life paths that you never understand entirely. Now, if you don’t understand it, why would you expect others to understand you?

You, my friend, have laid out a life that provided you with all the opportunities you wanted to fulfill your contribution to the world. We will now give you what you were born to do, and why you are at the perfect place now to do so.

You came to teach mastery, and you knew you could not do that if you didn’t know it, and you knew you could not leave any situation until you have achieved that. Please live this goal.


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