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Day: February 2, 2020

Your life might have been far easier

Your life might have been far easier

February 2, 2020

Your life might have been far easier. We are taking over this message from Roger, for he is finding it difficult to receive and write this message, especially through his tears. Yesterday we gave him the message, "Welcome to your new life." While he didn’t know what that meant precisely, he did know it would show up.

We also mentioned that he was attending training for mentors. What he discovered was his life might have been far easier if only he had done what we suggested, which was to be himself. We have only ever shouted to you all that you were given lives filled with opportunity. And all you need do is seize the opportunity. And you are to interpret all of your life experiences, good and bad, as you think of them, and then extract the wisdom you receive through them and give that back to the world. Now you have done your part in the evolution of all that is.

What Roger saw in the other mentors is they were willing to embrace every aspect of who they were and know they were finding value through their experiences and giving that back to others. And as a result, they were living abundant and far easier lives. It is the same for every one of you. It is typically a gradual process for you all to come to this awareness. Many don’t do it until they die. Roger has one more day of training as he inches his way to accepting these revelations. We will give you more tomorrow, but you each will take so much from this message today.


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