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Day: January 18, 2020

It is not possible for you to be in a wrong place in your life

It is not possible for you to be in a wrong place in your life

January 18, 2020

It is not possible for you to be in a wrong place in your life. We will use some subjective words in this message, so you understand the meaning intended. Our opening sentence is true for every person, without exception. Simply because the experiences in your life may be challenging or uncomfortable, they are not wrong. They are showing up for you to figure them out and cause you to evolve. There is no other purpose for your life.

We will attempt to make this story as concise as possible. Roger worries about how much we have to say, even though we warned him that would be occurring. Roger has always felt drawn to do work in his life that might aid others. At times he doesn’t understand it, and neither do those close to him in his life. This condition, however, has caused him to seek to find his truth continually.

Yesterday he had an hour and a half meeting with the other four coaches with whom he is working. At the end of the meeting, one coach said, "I’m going to go to YouTube and do my vocal warm ups on Roger’s channel." If only you could have seen the shock on Roger’s face after they told Roger they had been following him since they were a teenager. Roger has little awareness, or we should say acceptance, of those he impacts.

After the meeting, another coach called Roger with an offer to collaborate on a project. When Roger went to investigate the product, he realized he had known of this coach years ago from a television show. Roger then felt his old inadequacy emerge. Had he known this information earlier, he would have reinforced that feeling of inadequacy. The timing here was perfect, as it always is in each of your lives.

Then Roger had a call with a friend who has judged Roger for another friend Roger has in his life. Roger has attempted to avoid this conversation, but he couldn’t, and during the conversation, we came through in a bit of anger. Roger has always felt the value that he was receiving through this relationship, but no one else did. There was a reason for this, which we told him years ago, but we will remind him and you again. We will place that message here. Yet, Roger still has not released his people-pleasing mode, so he wants us to apologize again for the length of this message. But it will be worth it.


March 24, 2017

You needed the opposition. While needed is not the appropriate word for need never really exists, it does get you to pay attention. It would be more appropriate to say that you desired the opposition because you knew that would cause you to become motivated. You wanted the motivation because you knew that would lead you to more self-belief because you also knew that was what you sought and was the only element missing in your personal formula for success.

There is so much for you to study here. The point of all this is, you will find it quite difficult to reach the level of success and accomplishment in your life without the development of your sense of self-belief.


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