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Day: January 17, 2020

You have never valued your worth or who you are

You have never valued your worth or who you are

January 17, 2020

You have never valued your worth or who you are. We must say we went to extraordinary lengths to deliver this message. Now all of it will be a story.

Several days ago, we mentioned that Roger was tasked with creating a mini-biography for a group in which he is now involved. When Roger read the promotional materials created from his words, he could not believe it was him. It sounded completely fabricated, yet it was not.

Then Roger was asked to submit possible contestants for a talent competition. The instruction he gave others was to send their best audition submission. Roger received one last night that broke his heart. The individual had obviously spent a great deal of money creating this video, which Roger immediately recognized it would not be suitable, which he informed this person. Roger offered his help, and the person said he could not afford his rates. Yet this person spent money on something that would do nothing for them. You all do this in various ways, including Roger!

Then last night, while organizing his office. Roger held a folder containing our earliest messages. Roger did not know why at the time, but we want him to post a few lines with the date. Keep in mind he took a paragraph he created for his program, "Overcoming Everything," and posted it on Facebook to see if it resonated with others, which it did. When he places it here, it will make sense to all of you. Hopefully, you will come to value yourself more.

March 21, 1989

Your feeling of littleness is exactly what has kept you from experiencing your full power and creativity; however, your feeling of humility is the part that keeps you open and receptive to learning and growing.

Facebook: This paragraph is the opening I just wrote for my online program. Let me know what you think.

Welcome to your life! That sentence is meant to congratulate you on your decision to become more, to evolve, succeed, and be happy. Please do not dismiss the happy part, for you will find that is the key to your new life. The program is entitled "Overcoming Everything – a Self-Guide to Empowerment" because if you are willing, those are the results you will experience, feel, and relish. I speak these words to you from a place of knowing they are true because it is what I have done. You will soon discover the credibility I possess because of my life. I feel it’s important to pepper in much of my experience so your level of disbelief will be removed.

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