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Day: January 3, 2020

You were not meant to be anyone else

You were not meant to be anyone else

January 3, 2020
You were not meant to be anyone else. This message will resonate for all as you each have participated in the behavior we will describe, which has caused you to experience difficulties in your lives. It is first important to understand that it is quite natural that you would have engaged in this behavior as humans only expand through examples that are presented in their world. Of course, many of you somewhat bypass this particular human dilemma, but not many, including Roger.

We are using Roger as an example. We will keep this short. We gave him a message some time ago entitled, "Stay In Your Lane." All we need do is place it here, and you each will find your truth, as will Roger. We are all working together.

October 14, 2017

Just stay in your lane. Attempt to go with this stream of thought for a bit. You saw a performance last night, and what stood out to you were two particular pieces the artist performed that moved you so much that you told them it was their lane. You said and felt that because you experienced authenticity through their performance.

Every soul can do this, including you. This does not mean you would not explore other areas of your life experience to find value and to define further who you are, but it does say that you will find that particular lane you feel is indeed yours, when you don’t judge it or compare it to anyone else. What creates your world and continues to cause it to expand is the willing contributions of unique people like you.


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