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Day: November 14, 2019

Please forget how to ride a bicycle

Please forget how to ride a bicycle

November 14, 2019

Please forget how to ride a bicycle. We thought that title would be effective because you have all been taught that you never forget how to ride a bike. But that is the cause of the difficulties many of you experience in your lives.

Some time ago, Roger commented that he more readily accepted information if it came from someone who held a title that indicated higher learning or education as a doctor or scientist. Now because he accepted this belief, it became active in his experience. Roger doubted the information that came from us through him because he is not a doctor. You can easily see the limitation he created in his life. Years ago, he “arbitrarily” created a phrase, of course, that we sent that said, “the only limitation that exists is in your own thinking.” Roger never acknowledged that he was creating that limitation by his accepted beliefs. But we don’t give up.

In the middle of the night, Roger awakened and turned on his iPad for a video and feel asleep. We love giving you the details, so it is more vivid. When he awakened this morning, there was a documentary on quantum consciousness playing. Now he understood what has occurred within him, and probably you if you have been following along. Your consciousness is continually expanding. This documentary led him to another with the demonstration of the bicycle. There was a slight adjustment made to the design that made everyone unable to ride the bike because their brains were programmed to the old way. All of this brings us to our grand statement for you and Roger, which you might now better understand.

To create a new you, it becomes necessary to let go of the old you.


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