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Day: November 13, 2019

Every uncomfortable emotion you experience is wrong

Every uncomfortable emotion you experience is wrong

November 13, 2019

Every uncomfortable emotion you experience is wrong. We hope that title captured your attention, and now we will have it make sense. First of all, notice we did not say negative. Roger only noticed today that we rarely use the word negative, but when used, it is only in the context of how you interpret things. We don’t think anything is negative on its own accord.

You might have sensed the effusive nature of our messages of late. And that is to express to Roger our pleasure in his allowance of this information to come through him. For you to understand the title of this message, we must begin with this premise. You are born as an unlimited being with the intention of becoming more or expanding. You each have set particular paths for yourself that would accomplish your unique role in the world, and that is fulfilling your purpose, which in a certain sense, was predetermined by you. So now, as you move through your life, the emotions that you experience are meant to tell you if you are moving in the direction you wanted. When you have an uncomfortable emotion, it means that you have made an assessment about yourself that is arbitrary to being the unlimited being as you were born, and that you intended only to expand.

We must tell you that Roger will need to look up the word effusive for its correct spelling, and he will see the definition and know why we used it here. We led him to Alan Watts this morning, and now Roger understood him as never before. You each will grow in your
understanding and will know for yourself the meaning of effusive.


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