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Day: November 12, 2019

Empowerment and blame do not coexist

Empowerment and blame do not coexist

November 12, 2019

Empowerment and blame do not coexist. First of all, we must say we are jumping up and down with excitement in anticipation of this message. We will also say it has been decades in the making, and that information will aid your understanding.

The state of empowerment is living with complete freedom and limitlessness. Even merely using your logical, analytical thinking will tell you that if you are blaming anything other than yourself for the experiences of your life, then you are not living empowered. That sentence will give you the answer to everything you wanted to know.

You find it somewhat easier to forgive others and even release them from blame, but you do not do that to yourself. You go about blaming yourself for the experiences of your life, which means that you have yet to understand why you have them. Here is the sentence you have the most trouble accepting and understanding on a deep level. You never did anything wrong, and nothing was working against you.

Roger decided years ago that the subject of empowerment was his life topic, so to speak. He didn’t know why or even what the word meant. But he knew he was to follow that desire. Yesterday it made more sense, with an assist from Mr. Steve Jobs, who has influenced your world of technology. He said you cannot connect the dots of your life looking forward. You have to trust your gut that the dots will make sense. Now Roger understands why he had a life that provided him with opportunities to discover and experience empowerment and share that with others. Roger didn’t trust that until now.

Now you understand why we gave you that earlier sentence. The time is right when you know it.


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