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Day: November 11, 2019

Your full moon

Your full moon

November 11, 2019

Your full moon. We hope that title at least stirred your curiosity. You each pick and choose which ideas or beliefs you decide to hang on to, or ingest with some validity. Astrology or the movement of your planetary world has been one of them. Now you will understand why you maintain conflicting beliefs.

You want to believe in the law of attraction or the power of energy, but then attempt to deny that the energy of planetary movement will affect you. This line of thinking also cuts you off from valuable power to which you always have access. The particular full moon that is occurring in your world now and tomorrow is said to help you all move more into mastery of your lives.

We gave Roger vivid evidence of this. Last night he watched a video of a conversation between two people who Roger admires, and for the first time, put himself in that circle. It was surprising to him that he had not done that before.

You are all connected energetically and collectively. We will prove it. Each of you will find some area of your life where you have been holding yourself back, and the light of this moon will reveal it to you.


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