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Day: November 3, 2019

You have never lost anything

You have never lost anything

November 3, 2019

You have never lost anything, and you never lose anything throughout your existence except your fear. We have never been more excited to deliver a message than this one. It has been difficult for it to come through because Roger thought he couldn’t explain it, but that was not the real reason he resisted allowing it to come through. The reason is that the truth of it, he will no longer be able to ignore, as it will also occur for many of you.

You all have experiences in your lives that you do not want or understand entirely. Then after time has passed and you are removed from the experience itself, you find the value and understand why the experience occurred in the first place. Decades ago, Roger had an experience that lasted several years, was painful physically and emotionally. All of this felt to him as a great loss. He then used the experience as an excuse not to live his life fully, to hide out from others, and to feel that the world was somehow against him. Then, “miraculously” when he began sharing the stories with others, he found that it aided them, and now he understands the value of his journey and why it occurred for and to him. You all have these stories, but how are you using them?

You have all heard stories of those who have died and come back to life, and all remarked they didn’t want to come back because where they were, they didn’t have any fear. Now you understand why we said in the beginning, throughout your existence.


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