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Day: October 20, 2019

Why would you do anything else?

Why would you do anything else?

October 20, 2019

Why would you do anything else? That question is one we gave Roger this morning, and it is quite amusing to us to watch him attempt to come up with an answer that makes sense. This message will be a great one for many of you and will encourage you to make changes in your lives.

Yesterday, Roger heard our urging to record a video speaking on the topic we gave him yesterday. Roger has become comfortable with talking about our communications, but less so when allowing anyone else to see his process. Roger recorded the video, felt great about it, and immediately retreated from others because what came naturally and felt good to him made him uncomfortable. Right after the video, he had a consultation with a client. Because he remained in communication with us, Roger was able to deliver information to his client that had the client say, “you are blowing my mind right now.”

Now both incidents were obvious and overt indications that Roger was doing what he loved and what felt right and natural. So now when we ask the question, why would he do anything else, he knows for sure it is only the fear of some judgment, and not understanding evolution.

You each discover who you are as you live your lives, so you are the only one making choices against what would cause you to be happy. Any other excuse you may make up is not valid. Your acceptance of this will change your life.


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