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Day: October 18, 2019

You were never meant to know how

You were never meant to know how

October 18, 2019

You were never meant to know how. Some of you will receive this message and finally understand how you have been screwing up your manifestations. Some of you might become upset with us as we change your perception of a popular song.

We awakened Roger in the middle of the night and gave him the idea to visit the lyrics of the song, “The Impossible Dream.” When the song became popular, he was in the early years of establishing an adult life. You all become hypnotized or influenced at a mass level because when things become popular, they somehow seem more real to you. The title of that song should have given you all pause. You begin to think that dreams are impossible. Moreover, as you visit the remaining lyrics, you come to believe that you have to fight for what you want until you die, and then you will be rewarded.

Roger lovingly agreed to use his example. That was facetious as it is uncomfortable for him. Roger has had an idea of what he wants to create in his life, and it feels like a legacy for him. He put together an outline, but then he discussed it with others. All humans will first try to figure out how to do something based on what they have known and experienced. If you all follow that model, your world will end now. Roger spent the night in physical discomfort and doubt because of that how discussion.

We would like you all now, especially Roger, to change the title of the song to “The Possible Dream.” Then your only “job” is to create your dream in your thinking and stop trying to figure out how it gets done. Your vision is real.


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