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Day: October 16, 2019

Your ultimate goal in life is to be happy

Your ultimate goal in life is to be happy

October 16, 2019

When you discover you can’t do anything else in your life and be happy, you have found yourself. Please study that sentence for it is true for every person. We will set the stage for your understanding.

You are born into a world of collective consciousness. You all are a part of all that is, and your purpose in living a life is to add to the expansion of all that is or that consciousness. You are born with characteristics, situations, and circumstances in place that will alert you to your particular mission on Earth. We don’t mince words when we say mission. Then each of you is tasked with fulfilling your end of the bargain. You were given guidance to know how to do this, and the only guidance that is relevant is how you feel. We forgot to tell you that your ultimate goal in life is to be happy. That only occurs when you decide to be the self you discovered. When you own the essence of this message, you will find a way.


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