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Day: October 14, 2019

You are different!

You are different!

October 14, 2019

You are different! We used the exclamation point on purpose and for emphasis. Your recognition of that fact should be a reason for you to jump for joy, but most of you have used it as a means of self-torture. Those words may be harsh, but they are accurate, as Roger will demonstrate.

While it stands to reason that due to how you are born into the world, you would naturally develop the belief that being different might cause you difficulty because you don’t know your way around the world yet. But at some point, you gain awareness, and you know how to navigate the world, yet you still don’t understand the importance of being different entirely.

Roger has long known he was different in the way he received communication from us but simultaneously doubted that. Last night he heard Suzy Amis Cameron mention she knew that about herself at a young age, but it frightened her. Now Suzy and her husband James, are implementing methods and practices that will improve your world because she decided to own her different.

Then we had Roger “stumble” upon a Dr. Wayne Dyer video. Roger always felt he was to somehow follow in his footsteps, but thought he could not offer more. Years ago, Roger happened upon a video of Wayne and Abraham Hicks. Roger knew the part of understanding Wayne was not able to access. Part of him thought maybe that was arrogant, but the wiser part knows that is evolution. You each are meant to find these mentors and become them yourselves. Only then will you know how valuable being diffident is in your life, and your world.


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