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Day: September 11, 2019

You cannot be another person!

You cannot be another person!

September 11, 2019

You cannot be another person! You know that whenever we use the exclamation point, we are yelling at you, or in other words; pay attention! We have given you this message over and over, and some of you, especially Roger, have been reluctant to receive it.

You will know if you have not accepted the title of this message, or if you have been attempting to accomplish the impossible notion contained in the title. Here is a big statement, so give yourself time to accept it. You only ever experience a state of depression, anxiety, fear, inadequacy, loneliness, and any other uncomfortable emotion, when you are attempting not to be yourself.

Roger can tell you this for sure, as he has attempted this and he can now look at his recent past, and see the ruins of his actions. Don’t do that yourself. The one message we have given you which will help your understanding is, “How to Bake a Cake.” Your world is the cake, and you are a vital ingredient. You’re welcome.


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