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Day: September 10, 2019

Because it felt too easy

Because it felt too easy

September 10, 2019

Because it felt too easy. We are giving you the answer first to the question that Roger held, as well as all of you. Yesterday, while in a business meeting, he noticed he was acting in an unusual manner. It was unusual to him because he felt much more assertive, and he came to decisions quickly.

The entire experience shook him so much that after the meeting, he called his associate and expressed what he had observed. The reason this experience stood out to him was that he was speaking on a subject that he was passionate about, and on an intrinsic level, felt it was a direction he was meant to take in his life, and it surprised him because it did feel too easy. Most of you think your “work” should be hard. You use those two words together all the time.

Now we will have it all make sense. Read the message we gave you, “You Always Know.” That message applies to you all.


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