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Day: September 9, 2019

Please be delusional

Please be delusional

September 9, 2019

Please be delusional. Roger continued to hear that directive this morning, and we wouldn’t allow him to pass it over. He agreed to share this with you all if you promise not to judge him, for he has discovered he has held that fear of judgment as the most significant predicament in his life, as you all do.

Yesterday we urged him to visit some of our earliest communications, and the recognition struck him that what we gave him then, was evident still. Roger held a need to have others accept what he believed before he could believe it himself. Most of you do this because you were born into that system. Now what you have forgotten was that particular set of circumstances was only meant to serve as a foundation from which you are to create more.

We will leave you all with this thought. How could you or your world hope to evolve and expand unless you are willing to be delusional?


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