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Day: September 5, 2019

Release your excuses today

Release your excuses today

September 5, 2019

Some time ago we gave you a message entitled, “Eventually, you will run out of excuses.” Also, when we say we gave you, we are not referring only to Roger but to you all, as you all operate in the same manner.

You are all born with desires and things you wish to accomplish in this life. Those aspirations are individually unique, and therefore do not exist currently. Each individual will live out their desires and add their discoveries to the mix of all that is, which causes what you think of as evolution.

Now, this is what you all wanted to understand. Because your role or part to play is so individual, unique, or different as you might think of it, you don’t trust that it is real; that it has any meaning at all, and that possibly you could just ignore what you think you “hear” as a direction in your lives. You cannot do that and be happy and fulfilled at the same time.

When you place that “old” message with this one, you will recognize that this is the day you run out of excuses, (Again, that is for you all).


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