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Day: August 5, 2019

Conscious uncoupling

Conscious uncoupling

August 5, 2019

Some time ago, we gave you a message, “The Purpose of All
Relationships.” While you did accept some of its meaning at the time, there is more that you and all others would do well to understand and embody.

There was a famous couple recently who announced they were separating and used the term conscious uncoupling. They received a great deal of criticism, which is typical of most humans when they don’t understand some new or are unfamiliar with the concept. That is also the difficulty you and most others have about receiving information of any manner that is new to you.

We will give you a new definition. You enter all relationships in your life for the purpose of you becoming more. When that purpose is achieved in any relationship, it becomes a conscious choice if you will remain in the relationship. Conscious uncoupling means you acknowledge that you have gained so much from the relationship and you know it, so the form it might take in the future becomes
inconsequential. But you have evolved, and that was the purpose.


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