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Day: July 4, 2019

The true independence you sought

The true independence you sought

July 4, 2019

You all miss things in your personal experiences that would provide you with access to the most significant parts of who you are, but most times you don’t see them. Your experience of last night is a prime example. We had to string these events together so they would make sense to you today.

Your partner in crime, (we refer to him in that manner as he always pulls you forth in some manner that you don’t understand) came in an handed you a book and said, “I think you’re supposed to read this.” He left, and you glanced at the book and noticed so much of it referred to resistance. You then called him and said,” the book is about resistance, so I think it’s for you.” You all do this. You think if you can project things to others, you won’t notice your limitations.

Later he came back and insisted that you let go and move into an altered state of being, but you resisted. His insistence always indicates to you there is something valuable occurring. You acquiesced and then moved into experiences you can hardly explain. While many things emerged from this experience, we want you to explain only this part.

You felt yourself resisting the experience, and judging yourself intensely for having taken part. Then you felt tension, shaking, and an almost unbearable uncomfortable state in your body. Then you decided to let go consciously and moved into another part of you, and spontaneous laughter occurred because you experienced the true independence you and all others seek. It is funny to realize you only needed to release your judgment and resistance. We know this is a long one, but it is essential for you and anyone who chooses to understand it.


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