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Day: June 22, 2019

This message will be fun

This message will be fun

June 22, 2019

This message will be fun. You and others never fully come to trust yourselves or what you believe is occurring in your lives or for what purpose. Now you become so valuable to this process because your questioning and seeking have been palpable throughout your life, along with your never-ending doubt. We attempted to assuage some of that today so you might help others do the same, which is your personal purpose.

You recently found a numerology report that diagnosed your year this year as being a number 3, which would indicate coming into your power and alignment. So we awakened you at 3:33 AM because you also came to believe in the significance of repetitive numbers.

Now you were still unsettled, and you revisited some of our messages, and noticed how often, and how many different years we gave you the message, “You Needed This.” The purpose was to help you all understand that the process of evolving includes coming to awareness of how you have been holding yourself back, beating yourself up, settling into your pity party for a bit; coming out of that and then realizing self-forgiveness would be helpful, and you come out of it all expanded. You all forget this and think something is going wrong, which is never the case. As you said last night, everything is always working for you.


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