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Day: June 21, 2019

You were the problem all along

You were the problem all along

June 21, 2019

You were the problem all along. We are using words that you and others will understand for as you know, we don’t see anything as problems but merely hindrances that prevent you from realizing the full essence of who you are. Now you have a story that you only understand now through hindsight, as most do and so many only on their deathbeds. But you my friend, are here to help them know it sooner and live the lives they wanted.

Now here is your embarrassing story that you will now proudly tell for as you stated last night; when you find the value of any difficult or challenging experience in your life, the pain is eliminated. There are many other details you will use later; we will begin with this aspect.

Ten years ago, you were desperately attempting to “save” a business. You couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. There was one person introduced to you that you believed would lead you to salvation. Last night you discovered they were to help you, but differently than what you thought because you have been fighting against it for years.

You all resist who you wanted to be, and once you stop that, everything changes. Watch what happens now.


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