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Day: June 20, 2019

You still know

You still know

June 20, 2019

You still know. We want you to find the message you received from us entitled, “You Always Know.” The reason we love having you and others review messages received at an earlier time that you have no conscious awareness now of its content is so that when you see it now, it becomes a bit more difficult to ignore what you do know.

Yesterday in conversation you mentioned you wanted to work on a project you desired to complete. Your friend told you to turn off your phone. At that moment, you noticed your rejection of that notion because now you had no distractions or excuses. As you were now left alone, you felt your limitation. You had the thought that your project was far too crazy to be received by others, and at the same time thinking you had something that could be great and help so many others. Everyone does this because none of you fully trust what you think you know or have to offer. What choice will you make?



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