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Day: May 11, 2019

Now you will become purposeful

Now you will become purposeful

May 11, 2019

Now you will become purposeful. It has taken quite a while this morning for you to allow this message to come through for the same reason that has plagued you your entire life – lack of belief.

We will use one of your stories to explain this phenomenon that stumps you and most others. You have often told the story of your early days of being coached when at a certain point a technique the instructor was giving you began to make sense and made all the difference in the world in terms of your ability to utilize your talent. You then became upset for you thought if the instruction had shown you this before, you would not have struggled. You proceeded to discover you had been given this instruction, but your ability to hear it had not been developed. Now you understand what we have been doing with you, but now you are ready to listen to us, which is why you will now become purposeful. Rejoice.


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