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Day: May 10, 2019

Hate requires far more energy

Hate requires far more energy

May 10, 2019

Hate requires far more energy, is typically something you are using as a distraction or attempt to divert your attention, and always leaves you dis-empowered. That sentence describes to you the awareness that came to you and one that simultaneously you did not want to
acknowledge or own, but we wouldn’t let that happen.

Yes, your stories are always helpful. Last night you experienced unusual and elevated conversation with us that left you unnerved. Then this morning there was something in your experience that was caused by another that disturbed your peace. Your annoyance was palpable and quickly accelerated to hatred. You realized that to stay in that state you had to use your energy to remember the incident, and so now your mind, time, and energy were being consumed with this process of hating.

You then had the vivid recognition that what you were doing was attempting not to remember what you felt guided to do last night. You all do this to some degree because you don’t believe you have the ability to be empowered, so you focus on hate. It is far easier to follow your guidance.


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