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Day: May 7, 2019

No, you could not have done this before

No, you could not have done this before

May 7, 2019

No, you could not have done this before. We wanted you to use those precise words as when you remember we have given them to you previously; they will make more sense to you now. You just spent the better part of your morning beating yourself over the head, so to speak, as you examined your life from your place of newly acquired awareness now, and judged yourself for not having known this before. All you need do is examine the ridiculous nature of that statement, and you will begin to find clarity.

Last week we guided you to search for the statements many make before they are about to die. You remarked that none of them said they wished they had made more money. Then you recognized that what most regretted was not harnessing who they are and what they were born today. You did that this morning, instead of understanding your life was perfect for enabling you to do what you intended.

Here goes. Also, this will help you with your current dilemma of what to place on your website. Every person is born with a unique life path that is perfectly designed to allow that person to evolve. In that process, each aid the evolution of your world. Every person has their unique role to play in this evolution, and part of that is the timing that their lives provide; especially yours. You could not know the perfect timing that exists in the life of another without knowing it for sure within yourself. Allow time for understanding.


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