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Day: April 18, 2019

You chose to give away your power

You chose to give away your power

April 18, 2019

Please acknowledge your difficulty in receiving this message for it will help you and others. The first sentence you heard this morning is that you have been giving away your power. The recognition of this is challenging for all as you have become accustomed to blaming others for your life experience.

That state of existence became comfortable for you, even though it was uncomfortable. Contemplate that sentence, and you all will better understand why so many of you remain in stressful situations and relationships. Now as you continue to expand and evolve, you recognize this behavior, and that it is dis-empowering, however, that
recognition conjures anger within you which can occupy your awareness for a bit. But as that passes, which it is for you now, you understand why you have behaved in this manner. Every soul will find their reasons because you all have done this, but we will give you yours.

You wanted to know and teach empowerment, and you could not do that without knowing dis-empowerment. You wanted to know and teach love, joy, compassion, and being all-powerful, which you could not do if you had not known their opposites. Now all of this becomes worth it to you and others when you decide only to look forward, as you counseled another yesterday, and get on with what you wanted to do in your life.

We know this is long, but also essential. Revisit the message we gave you some time ago about abdication. You are also royalty who gave up power for a while so that you could know pure love which is ultimate power. That was good.


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