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Day: April 16, 2019

You cannot become worthy and deserving

You cannot become worthy and deserving

April 16, 2019

You cannot become worthy and deserving. We didn’t even allow you to have your coffee this morning before we began yelling that sentence to you. The reason we did that is so you would expect this message to be a vital one, which it is.

You and others have this belief that if you do something different you would become worthy and deserving. Then you go about doing all those things and wonder why nothing changed. Nothing changed because you are attempting to perform an impossible task.

The words used next are powerful and will require your contemplation before you will absorb and accept them entirely. When you are in the process of attempting to become worthy and deserving, you are also affirming that you are not. That is the lie you have believed. You all were born worthy and deserving, and all that has occurred throughout your life is you have denied that fact.

You may experience a moment of regret as you recognize the truth of this message and can recognize what you have been doing most of your life, but that experience of regret will sear this message into your memory, so you never again forget who you are. All you ever needed to do was accept your birthright. Please do that today.


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