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Day: April 15, 2019

Your hypocrisy serves no one, especially you.

Your hypocrisy serves no one, especially you.

April 15, 2019

Your hypocrisy serves no one, especially you. You have long known that your life purpose was to expand, and in that process, offer the wisdom of your experience to others. You also knew that you could only accomplish that through your honesty, vulnerability, and willingness to become transparent. Still, you were tempted to ignore your experience of yesterday, and it was one that when examined, provides you with needed information for others, and confirmation for you.

Two nights ago, you received a text message that said, even though this was last minute, they wanted to know if you were available for an interview. You didn’t precisely know what the interview was about, and you knew it would require several hours from your day and a long drive. You even said to others that you were following the direction and decided to trust yourself because it showed up in your life for a reason.

Then when you did the interview, you felt the wealth of your information coming through, the enthusiastic and overwhelming acceptance and appreciation of the audience, while at the same time your lack of belief that you could have made that much of an impact.

Now you know why we have taken over this message, and why we are rambling on, because we want you all to stop denying who you are and how powerful you are, and my friend, you are the perfect example of this human failing. You are also now helping to change that when you accept yourself fully.


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