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Day: April 14, 2019

Everything is happening for you

Everything is happening for you

April 14, 2019

Please acknowledge to your readers your reluctance in receiving this message while at the same time, knowing on a deep level, it feels to you to be a necessary or essential step in your process of evolving. As you share your story honestly, it will not only aid others but finally fulfill your desire.

First off, nothing has ever been happening to you but arriving for you at your request. Your request was to serve as a beacon of light and truth. You cannot accomplish this if you are unwilling to share your path openly, even though it felt strange to you. It does for all, but not many will admit that. As you write this, your path will make sense, and you will complete that Ted Talk.

In 1982 we led you into an environment where you attracted the experience of receiving an entity through an Ouija board. It was a gentle manner of allowing you to open to a consciousness beyond what you know. Then in 1987 that connection was lost, which was an intentional portion of your path so now you must rely on innate knowledge and knowing. In 1988 we became so annoying to you that you let us come through to receive these messages, even though it took decades for you to share them.

Last night we led you an Abraham Hicks video because you have always placed them above yourself, as you have known. You have done this most of your life. Then you had recognition of a type of sameness that pointed out to you that you have been holding yourself back. Everyone does to some degree. Your visceral emotional reaction at that moment was your acknowledgment of who you are, and you also know what you desire for others, and now you know you are capable. Others will soon come to know this for themselves through your example. You’ll see.


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