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Day: April 8, 2019

We need you to have fun today

We need you to have fun today

April 8, 2019

We need you to have fun today. You and others will gain so much from this message once you understand its intent. You resisted receiving this message for quite a while this morning until we kept bombarding you with information. The reason you did this and what others do is that you have forgotten your life was supposed to be fun. You have thought that is was necessary for you to continually be hard at work at something for anything to manifest. That mindset can work against you because at the same time you are affirming that you might not deserve what you desired.

The other reason we said we needed you to have fun is that it helps you fulfill your purpose. You can think of this from two directions. You felt you wanted to give something to the world, and you wanted to create success for yourself. And for that to occur, you must have access to all manner of energy to produce. When you are in a state of “fun,” you have access to all that.


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