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Day: April 7, 2019

How to understand your life

How to understand your life

April 7, 2019

Please entitle this message, “How to Understand Your Life.” As you study, absorb, and make every effort to receive this message, you will indeed understand your life, and never again experience a state of confusion.

You initially thought you would be shooting a program this day. But your plans changed, which seemed out of your control because it was in ours. The reason you knew this day was important was not the filming, but receiving this message first; decide to teach it in the program, and give it to the world, as you intended.

Now, teach only this. You will do best with imagining it all, rather than thinking you believe it fully now. You had an intention of who you wanted to be before you were born. You knew to fulfill that intention; you required experiences, circumstances, and people to show up to aid you in that goal.

Here is the part that causes this to become understandable, and a dominant force in your life moving forward. Their purpose, all those things, were to cause you to choose who you wanted to be. Nothing more You couldn’t know this because you were busy labeling them all as good or bad. When you remove the labels, understand what we are telling you, all of them will become good. You will know you have received the intent of this message because you will also feel assured. This message was long because it’s crucial to who you are. You’re welcome. Wilhelm

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