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Day: January 11, 2019

How to identify the operation of the ego

How to identify the operation of the ego

January 11, 2019

Yesterday we told you we would give more ways to recognize the operation of the ego, but you did not know that you would have an experience that would reveal the most significant identifier. That one is doubt. List the ones from yesterday, but this is the most important.

What you will discover very quickly there are many ways the ego is operating continuously in your life and many of them you have come to accept as what feels to you to be normal behavior. Now you have uncovered one of the first ways. That way is when you begin to accept anything about you as being normal. When you do this, you have limited the innate ability and potential within you to expand.
Many times eruptions of anger can indicate the operation of the ego. You have identified some situation or circumstance you don’t believe you can control or change so anger arises to form a distraction and you don’t find that more evolved part to of you that would allow you to rectify the situation.

You will move in a direction in your life where you believe you desire to go, but then events and circumstances will show up that inject doubt and you stop. If you listen to the doubt, the ego will keep you where you are. You always have a choice.


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