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Day: January 9, 2019

What you give to another you give to yourself

What you give to another you give to yourself

January 9, 2019

We are giving you this message but also using you as an example for all others who may receive its content. You become the perfect example because you have been in communication with us for many years but still doubt what you are hearing, as you did this morning. You all do this.

When you continually hear a sentence, a voice, or a message, and it does not leave you, there is a reason it showed up. You kept hearing, “you can’t care too much.” This was meant to point out to you a conflict you have set up which causes you to go against the nature of your being. You do this when you allow yourself to be too heavily influenced by the voices of others.

You have a benevolent nature that causes you to express genuine concern and empathy for others, but then think you may somehow be taken advantage of. That is not possible.

Remember this, and you will stop fighting yourself. Whatever you give to another you give to yourself. (Good or bad, in your terms.)


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