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Day: January 8, 2019

Self-love is not gained, it is realized

Self-love is not gained, it is realized

January 8, 2019

Self-love is not gained, it is realized. While this message may seem to you at first to be a riddle, once you understand its content, you will find solutions to many of your previously held difficulties.

You and others have accepted to a great degree the idea that self-love or the experience of self-love is something that is necessary if you ever hope to experience the life you want or to have what you desire. Then you go about your life attempting to find that self-love, and in that quest, you have asserted that it does not exist. You think if it did exist you would not have to search for it. You even do this in your personal relationships for you think if you change enough the other person would love you, and that would turn into self-love. Now you understand the difficulties with most relationships.

Here is your solution, and the only one that works. Love is your natural state of being, and it was only you who believed something different.


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