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Day: January 7, 2019

A story of true alchemy

A story of true alchemy

January 7, 2019

Your story will help many others if you become willing to relate it honestly. Your intention was always to be a teacher, and this is part of that. The chronological years of your story are important because it causes the meaning of the events to become more purposeful for you and others.

Decades ago you had an experience that was difficult and challenging, and to you felt like failure, and that you caused harm to others. You then carried that guilt, shame, and embarrassment, and continually injected into everything that you attempted to do since that time.

Then the other day you received a text message which you ignored until the next day. Paying attention to your actions here is critical as well. You and others do not always notice the good you might have done, because you hold other beliefs about yourself.

Then when you finally responded, you discovered that the message was from one who was involved in those events of decades ago. You then heard that your actions of that time had inspired and motivated this individual which then caused them to go forth and do good in their life that affected many more.

The meaning for all of you is that nothing is going wrong, you never failed, and your intention of doing good is always fulfilled. You turned your perceptions around so you may release your self-judgment, and that is true alchemy.


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