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Day: January 3, 2019

The message you did not want to write

The message you did not want to write

January 3, 2019

Please title this message as the one you did not want to write, but now as you do so, it will be helpful to you and all others.

First of all, you did not want to write it because you feared how others might judge you, and additionally, you worried if others would understand its meaning. It is never your job to know how others will accept anything, but it is your job to accept yourself.

Then you came to witness more vividly than ever what you think of as your personal law of attraction. If all others viewed their lives in this manner, they would have an easier time of things. What this means is that you each bring into your lives the experiences and
circumstances that would cause you to evolve; nothing more. But then you begin comparing your life to others, and there is no comparison of souls that can be useful because you all intended to evolve and add your uniqueness to all that is, and that causes your world to evolve.

It felt to you that you were being bombarded with information you could not ignore. All of that was purposeful so that you might begin finally to trust your life experience. As you do so, you help others accomplish the same.


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