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Day: October 8, 2018

You were just being lazy

You were just being lazy

October 8, 2018

You were just being lazy. We used that sentence because we thought it might inject a bit of levity, for when you understand this message fully, we do not want you to judge yourself, which is a typical pattern of yours.

You were watching a television show with a little boy who wanted something from his elders, and his manner of asking was to cry and beg. Then he saw the thing he wanted was easily received when he changed his attitude to one of being happy and in a pleasant state of being.

Now what stood out for you was how quickly he was able to make that attitudinal change. You all had and still have that ability, but you forget to utilize it to your advantage. Decide today to stop being lazy and produce your happy state.


(After my meditation and transcription this morning, I was guided to record this short video, so I know it was meant for one of you.)

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